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How to add more power to your business
Make bicycles electric
You can sell almost any bicycle in your store as electric one with the kit.
Return clients
You can up-sell your clients who previously bought a bicycle from you.
Add new service
You can earn additional money by simple setup of the kit, for clients who don't want do it by themselves.
Handle easy with modules
There are no problems with service and warranty. The kit consists of modules. You just send the broken module to us and we'll send new back.
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What's in the box?
Powerful mid-drive for steep hills riding

Fast-charging Li-ion battery with up to 1 kWh capacity
Fits 80% of bikes and installs easily

Keeps the weight balance and controllability of the bicycle
Doesn't create any additional load for pedaling
Uses all front and rear sprockets of your bicycle
Buttons backlight is adjusted to match bike's color or even your mood

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"Also "eczo" sounds ecological, it's more like a tank for the mountains."
"Turbospeeds bicycles."
"...go uphill with motor power"
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