Ride bike in woods and mountains on high speed: off road on steep hills!

with a powerful electric bike conversion kit
We will inform you
about launch of the crowdfunding campaign and retail sales
Transform your bicycle into e-bike!
Ride to work
and back

80 km distance using
one charging only
Ride in a general
traffic flow

50 km/h
max. speed
Easy ride
steep hills

30° bias you can ride
without pedaling
lift your bike

Weight of the kit is 8 kg
(in basic modification)
charge battery

Charging time up to 80% in one hour,
to 100% in 1,5

30 minutes, the average time of kit installation

Dmitry Bogdanchikov
Co-Founder eczo.bike
We want that possibilities of people using a conventional bicycle increase manifold. With eczo.bike you will able to ride on the bike much further, go much faster, easly ride uphill, even without serious physical training
Eczo.bike components
Mid-drive motor

Power 2 kW (speed up to 50 km/h and slope up to 30 degrees)

No pedaling with motor

No motor resistance by pedaling, if your ride like by normal bycicle

Built-in reducer for better traction uphill

Acceleration via the throttle (as on a motorcycle) or trigger (such as a ATV)

On-board computer and remote on the handlebar
Does not take place on the handlebar

Easy reading in the sun display

Track computer

Display of electrical and driving parameters

Control of battery heating in Winter

Removing of battery by password

Updating firmware of the kit

Charging of gadgets or bike lights via USB

Switching between driving modes and active cruise-control

Mobile application for smartphone (iOS и Android)
Track computer and navigation

Display of electrical parameters

Control of driving modes and setting of acceleration schedule

Tracking bike position on the map

System diagnostics and contact to technical support

Remote control of charge and heating of the battery

Update of kit's software from any place in the World


Removable heated battery

Li-ion, 48V, 21A, capacity 650 or
1000 W*h

Mileage 50/80 km in "motor" mode, 80/120 km in mode "motor+pedals"

Replaceable on the way

Remote or automatic heating for Winter

Charging time is 1 hour to 80% and 1,5 hour to 100%, it doesn't depend on battery capacity.

Battery dimensions (with latch) 470х170х87 mm, weight 4 kg

Battery lock by pin on

Eczo.bike is completely ready for installation
All necessary fixtures and parts are in the kit with installation instructions
for most bicycle frames
Versatile and secure fastening ensures the safety of frame
The ability
to upgrade
the kit
Additional options and regular software updates
Guarantee and service, technical support
Service centers, online systems diagnostic and technical support
Easy switching between riding modes in the city to comply with the laws and traffic regulations. Just use on-board computer or application.

Modes: Town (power 250 W, speed 25 km/h) — pedelec.
Off-road (power 500/750 W (depending on country), speed 45 km/h) — s-pedelec.
Mountain (power 2 kW, speed 50 km/h)
Become the first owner of eczo.bike
You pay 200 EUR now and get your eczo.bike kit
with ecxlusive discount 20% in Spring 2017.
and we will inform you about launch of the crowdfunding campaign and retail sales
You pay in Rouble by exchange rate of your bank
(200 EUR ~ 13.800,00 RUB)
You agree with our Terms and Conditions
We improve the serial version, available
for pre-order
We develop more powerful motor 1.6 / 2.5 kW (nominal / peak).

Reduce noise by replacing the chain-carriage motor to belt gear.

Save the front gear system without the risk of skewing circuit.

And we improve current design.

There are different colors available. Please send your wishes regarding colors to info@eczo.bike
Options eczo.bike
Eczo.bike in action
Eczo.bike kit
Ride steep hills without reducing the speed,
getting off the bike and pedaling
Press about us
Наш проект вызывает интерес у тысяч людей, от журналистов до пользователей форумов и соцсетей. Мы рады поддержать технический прогресс в развитии электротранспорта и переход на возобновляемые источники энергии.
We inform you about launch of the crowdfunding campaign and retail sales