How the electro kit can be used in urban environment?
You will get freedom on the city roads: no traffic jams and no limits. Driving with eczo.bike, you will reach any destination faster than taking any other transport.

Characteristics of our kit allows to get up 50 km/ h for seconds just with the motor, that allows to keep up city traffic. Measuring in terms of horsepower is 2,7 hp (2 kW). But remember you have also human power!

You can set the kit for any bike. The main term is a free space for our accumulator under the bicycle frame. It can be as highway bike as a mountain one. Do not be scared of steps, borders and any other landscape city factor: having skills of overcoming such barriers, you will be the owner of the most transportable city vehicle.

Could the conventional bicycle frame keep up the kit?
Despite all predictions, the frame is able to keep it installing the Kit. We made tests and load calculations which reveal that frames will not become deform even if the kit`s weight would be increased in 2,5 (up to 24 kg)

The bike was tested with the person with weight of 120 kg. He raced and jumped on the steps. Moreover, the center location of the motor and a battery provides with a good diffusion load balancing.
Why does the bike need the motor?
"Why does the bike need the motor?" –people claim. «In this case the sense of riding is lost»- people publish about us.

So here it is our reply. At the begging we developed eczo.bike as a electrification kit for mountain bikes. The idea is to use the kit to overcome all barriers faster and with no effort (where people need to save energy), overpass long distances (important for long biking tours) and at the same time ride your own time-proved bike.

Afterwards, we noticed that eczo.bike is useful and necessary in a city, when citizens use it as a transport for moving around or for work.

Setting the kit for a bike, you don't loose the prior idea: you pedal providing yourself with physical activity. However, if you need to go up or speed up, you just turn the throttle grip! However, pedaling is not necessary. But you can help eczo.bike, and you will ride faster.

Nowadays we use only the Russian motor of 1,6/2,5 kW, upon this the size will be less due to absence of corpus (inrunner). Moreover, we will add double stage redactor to run-out when 100 Nm will be reached. Also, reduce noise by replacing the chain-carriage motor to belt gear.
What is the maximum length of run on one charge?
It depends on speed, grade, treads, cyclist weight, wind power, coverage, intensity of acceleration.

Measured definitions are in accordance with the maximum speed of 30 km/h, wind power of less than 5 km/h, grade up to 10 degrees, cyclist weight is 70 kg, multi functional cover, on the asphalt in urban condition at moderate intensity of acceleration.

Using the battery 1000 W*h millage is equal to 80 km/h without pedaling and about 120 km with continual pedaling. Hence, with the battery 570 W*h — 55 and 75 km.
What models are suitable for the Kit?
For hardtails, full-suspension bikes with vertical and horizontal amortizations near a tube. A low tube of triangle must be straight.

A battery 650 W*h fits for a small frame size (14"-17") , 1000 W*h for a big one (from 17"). You can print a battery pattern 1000 W*h at a scale of 1:1, and try on your bike. The pattern is matched for a battery 1000 W*h , the size of a battery 570 W*h is less.
Do I need to charge tire-pressure sensors?
No, you do not. It has inhered battery which is enough for one year at least. It can be changed if it is necessary.
How to backpedal?
High speed-high risk. Does not matter whether you drive 50 km/h with eczo.bike or accelerate up to the same speed when go down from the mountain by the conventional bike. It is more for the own experience, how to backpedal safely. We want to remind, the main brake is front. It has the main loads (up to 75%). Rear brake is an addition and provides with controlling.

If you are still in doubt, we recommend set mechanic Avid BB5 or higher with a rotor 200. By the way, the tested bike with eczo.bike kit can be used daily in a traffic stream.
Do you have different modes of motion?
There are 3 installed modes (power profiles and speed) - Sport, Town, Off-road. It can be changed with the remote controller on the steering wheel.

Depending on your country, with the mode Town you can observe regulations of allowed speed in a city.
Will speed selector exist and how many sprockets have teeth?
There is a front commutator, leading sprockets 22, 32 and 44.
Do I need pedaling or using throttle grips to start riding?
Both. And throttle grips can also work without pedaling.
How will be chainline changed? Won`t be imbalanced of the chain?
ChainLine will be the same with the regular system with 3 sprockets. So it won`t be critical.
Why do I need heating the battery and how to activate?
If the temperature is below zero, the battery decreases its resource and gives less power after starting. To turn on heating in winter time, you need to use only one bottom on the smartphone wherever you are, or on the on-board computer. Also you can use auto heating if the temperature falls down below zero.
What is the maximum speed?
Maximum speed is 45 km/h
How many charge/discharge cycles does the battery have?
The battery status depends on many factors as well as conditions of charging/discharging and temperature. In the average cycle of 1000 chargers/dischargers, the battery looses about 40% of the capacity.
Why does the battery 1000 W*h weigh only 4,5 kg?
We use batteries with specific capacity 250 Wh/kg plus corpuses.
How did you find solution for speed control on loading?
To change speed on all kits with the central motor, you need to release accelerator as on a manual gearbox in a car.
How much does the kit weight?
From 7 up to 10 kg, depends on a complication.
What does crowdfunding mean?
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people.

You will have an opportunity to be the first who can buy our kit with a discount. To know about launching crowdfunding campaign, subscribe to our news.
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