Enjoy the long extreme ride on your bike powered with e-motor, changeable battery, and on-board computer, in any weather condition.
eczo.bike riding on stairs
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Eczo.bike Kit lets you easily upgrade your existing bike into the advanced e-bike
Compatible with the most of bike types. To make sure in compatibility with your bike send us a photo. Send photo.
Install & ride
You will get an advanced bike in 30 min just using wrench and user guide. No critical changes of your bike required.
Any road, any weather
You can ride upward 30° bias without pedaling. Also you can ride sand, snow and the rainy weather.
Long Ride, Fast Charging
Ride up to 50 miles distance in one charge, full battery recharge in 1-2 h.
Eczo.bike kit components
Powerful motor
Accelerates up to 45 km/h.

You can ride uphill till 30° bias only by using a motor without the rider's pedaling support.

You can pedal with turned on motor to save battery charge; also you can turn it off to simply ride your bicycle as you usually do.

No pedaling required with motor.

Your bike will have excellent handling and a proper weight balance due to the central placement of the motor.

The kit is protected by IP 65 class, what means effective protection against the dust and the water splashes. This allows you to ride in any weather and ground surface condition, including sand, snow, gravel and the rainy weather.

Kit control system
You will operate the kit via our smart control system including riding modes, cruise control, managing the battery charge and its heating, software updates. Kit control system consists of on-board computer, remote control on handlebar, throttle grip and pedal sensor.

On-board computer offers all the necessary stats you need to control your ride and switch between modes. An USB-socket allows you to charge devices during the ride.

For quick managing of the kit, you will use a remote control on handlebar to turn on the kit, choose riding mode or set up cruise control.

Pedal sensor is connected to the on-board computer. It actively helps you to speed up the bike depending on the pedaling force. Is being used alternately with throttle grip.

Removable heated battery
There are two types of the battery in Eczo.Bike kit: for 50 km on a single charge (570 W*h in Basic and Forest versions) and for 80 km on a single charge (1000 W*h in Mountain and Expert versions).

Easy to replace on the way in 30 seconds only.

Can be used in winter due to remote or automatic heating.

Charging time is 1 to 2 hours depending on battery volume and capacity of the charger.

Theft Proof — the battery replacing is protected by pin-code.

Battery dimensions (with latch):
for 50 km 470х120х87 mm, weight 3,2 kg
for 80 km 470х170х87 mm, weight 4 kg

Mobile application
You can control the kit right on your smartphone (iOS or Android) including parental control.

Such functions as diagnostics, update of software, navigation, tracking, anti-theft system and the battery charge control are accessible through the mobile app.

Furthermore you are welcome to join our free online community to participate in group rides and get in touch with other users of eczo.bike.

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At the moment, eczo.bike kits are not mass-produced, all information on the site is for exploratory purposes
For 50 km rides (without app)

For 50km rides and hills

For 80 km rides and 30° slopes

For allmountain, crosscountry and cycling tours
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